"Big Roar and Little Roar"
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

I bought the tiny brass dragon at one of the Two Rivers Renaissance Faires (Some photos from various Faires here). The big iron dragon can be seen in this photo behind my reclining Set statue.

I originally had this photo idea when the Photo Friday theme was "tiny". But working late every night then, it was always too dark to get a good photo. I had the idea then, that it might work for "depth of field", photos for the theme here. The table top is quite blurred, as I'd put the 'macro' focus on to get a good close up of the tiny dragon, which is maybe less than 3 cm tall.

So I got my photo ready to send to the web, when I was dismayed to find I couldn't upload it! Oh, the roaring! When I went to check website accessibility, all I got was an ugly screen telling me the domain had "expired"! I roared even more! It turned out it was a blurp in the "auto-renew" process. I had to do a "dsnflush" to be able to see my pages and access my files again.

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