Re-inscribed Sphinx
Sphinx of Amenemhat III, re-inscribed for Setnakht and Rameses III
Egypt (From Tell Nabasha, temple of Wadjet), Middle Kingdom, 1844-1797 B.C.E.
Granodiorite, Overall: 170 x 45.8 x 56 cm (66 15/16 x 18 1/16 x 22 1/16 in.)
Egypt Exploration Fund by subscription 1888,MFA #88.747
Photos © Joan Ann Lansberry

"The cartouches, or oval rings surrounding the royal names, on the chest and shoulders of this sphinx have been chiseled out and re-inscribed with the names of King Setnakht of Dynasty 20 (1186-1184 BCE). Later, Setnakht's successor, Ramesses III (1184-1153 BCE) added his cartouches on the sphinx's mane. The realistic rendering of the mane is a feature characteristic of the late Middle Kingdom, nearly seven centuries earlier; it's likely that the sphinx was made during that period. The head was probably broken off and replaced in antiquity, perhaps indicating that Setnakht or another pharaoh replaced the original head with his own likeness." (From info card)

Back paw holding a 'shen' symbol for 'eternity'

Front paw...