Fragment of Lintel Block

Fragment of lintel block with titles and throne name of King Amenemhat I
Egypt (el-Lisht), Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Amenemhat I, 1991-1961 B.C.E.
Limestone, Height x width x depth: 84.7 x 28 x 13 cm (33 3/8 x 11 x 5 1/8 in.)
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston—Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Exchange 1954, MFA #54.641
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

"This fragment from the mortuary temple of Amenemhat I at el-Lisht probably formed the central part of a door lintel. The elegant proportions and low relief are characteristic for this period. In the oval ring, or cartouche, is the king's throne name, Sehetepibra, taken at the time of his accession."

Amenemhat's cartouches... (Se-hotep-ib-Ra ="pleased is the heart of Ra")

"Above it are two of his titles: 'King of Upper and Lower Egypt, lord of the ritual,' and below it the phrase 'given life and dominion.' To the left and only partially preserved, a cobra, emblem of Wadjet, the patron goddess of Lower (Northern) Egypt, sits on papyrus flowers, the heraldic plant of Lower Egypt. This motif would have been balanced at the right by the Upper Egyptian equivalents, a vulture perched on a blossoming sedge plant." (From the info card)

"Given life and power"
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

Relief of Amenemhat I

Amenemhat I & Senwosret I

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