Middle Kingdom Mummy at the Met

Mummy of Ukhhotep, son of Hedjpu
Egypt, Middle Egypt, Meir (Mir), Khashaba
Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, ca. 19811802 B.C.E.
Cartonnage, wood (ficus sycomorus), paint, linen, human remains, obsidian, gold, Egyptian alabaster
Dimensions: l. 196.2 x w. 50.8 x d. 33 cm (77 1/4 x 20 x 13 in.) (depth measured at nose of mask)
Rogers Fund, 1912, Accession Number: 12.182.132c

I didn't photograph Ukhhotep's coffin, except what shows in the photo above. Fortunately the museum website has many photos. One of their captures of the coffin's hieroglyph's amuses me, because the face of the owl looks rather like that of a cat:

"M"..... "meow?"
Accession number: 12.182.132a, b
Cropped from museum photo

Mummy at the Met Museum, before and after