Stela of Dedu and Sitsobek

Stela of Dedu and Sitsobek
Egyptian, Early Middle Dynasty, ca. 19811952 B.C.E.
Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, el-Asasif, Courtyard CC 41, Tomb R 8, Burials A x, MMA 1915-1916
Limestone (indurated), paint, h. 38 cm (14 15/16 in); w. 25 cm (9 13/16 in)
Rogers Fund, 1916, MMA 16.10.333
From info card:
"The Middle Kingdom stela belonged to Dedu and his wife Sitsobek, who carries a mirror similar to those found in other tombs."

The Metropolitan museum has two of these mirrors, and I captured one at the Brooklyn Museum as well:

18th Dyn. Mirrors at Metropolitan Museum

18th Dyn. Mirror at Brooklyn Museum