"Cleopatra" by William Wetmore Story

Cleopatra, 1858; this carving, 1869
William Wetmore Story (Salem, Massachusetts 1819 Vallombrosa, Italy 1895)
Marble; 55 1/2 x 33 1/4 x 51 1/2 in. (141 x 84.5 x 130.8 cm)
Gift of John Taylor Johnston, 1888 (Metropolitan Museum 88.5ad)

View from another angle.

Close up of head showing the nemes, or royal head dress, complete with the Uraeus, which royal rulers wore.
Note her snake bracelet was often worn by Egyptian women, as a Roman era mummy mask illustrates

Exquisite Detail...

"The Libyan Sibyl" by William Wetmore Story

photos ©Joan Lansberry, May, 2009