Neferhotep, 19th Dynasty

Fragment of a Relief Showing Neferhotep
Egyptian, New Kingdom, early Dynasty 19 I(c. 1279-1199 BCE)
Limestone with pigment
Culver Fund, Art Institute of Chicago #1924.579
Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry
(From info card)
"The man portrayed here, named Neferhotep, raises his hand in adoration of a god. He wears a white, closely pleated, linean garment and a wig made of small braids."

The Metropolitan museum has a statue of Yuny, from the 19th Dynasty, who is dressed in a similar fashion.

Both Yuny and Neferhotep had positions of leadership, Yuny as "overseer of Sekhmet's lay-priests", while "Neferhotep was a foreman of the workers who built the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes."