Hathor (Mixed Media)

(Inspired by the design for my medallion.)

Actually, this was inspired by a meditation in which I tried to visualize Hathor. I used the design to sketch by, while also trying to recreate what my mind's eye saw in the visualization. The initial drawing was a bit clumsy, and I had to digitally fix it a bit:

The benefits of that was I could print as many copies as it took to get a decent colored version. Also, my initial lack of confidence in the drawing improved when I found I did like the appearance looking at the image on the computer screen from across the living room.

When I did get around to coloring, it simply felt good to be working with color. I felt a real strong urge to have that green background, as green feels full of life.

The result you see isn't as bad as it could be! I got her to where I thought she was done, and Julia looked at it and said, "Did you mean not to give her shoulders?" Me: "Uhm, no! SHOULDERS! I can fix!"

So I took one of my copies of the line drawing, and drew shoulders in, and just colored that part. Then I scanned at same dpi as the first scan, copy-and-pasted, and twenty six layers later, I had the fix!

I love the Photoshop, I can fix so many regrets! :)

It's like she's winking at me, "You so silly, thanks for the shoulders!"

Here is the version for 4x6 inches:

I felt a definite urging to keep the green necklace band inside of the crop.

This is the 8x10 version. © Joan Ann Lansberry, October 2018