All Things In Good Time: A Vampire Tale

Portraits of Characters in the Novel:


Vampire Family Portrait


Short Fiction Stories:
All Of Us Intelligent Beings: A Very Short Vampire Tale
Are vampires 'monsters'? (Featuring Michael and Gwen from the novel)

Transformations: A Short Vampire Tale

Much To Learn: A Very Short Vampire Tale
Seventeen year old Vashan has never met another human being.
What will his first encounter be like?

Hunger: Very Short Everquest Fan Fiction

Little Bites:
Dreaming Of Vampires
(A Short Essay)

A Poem:
Wildness In The Blood


Dark Jewelia

Whispered Mysteries

The entrancing stranger

New Vampire Gets A Lesson, (CARTOON)

Cartoons featuring characters from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles:
Armand Begs, (CARTOON)
Marius Begs, (CARTOON)

Plaything Of A Rich Vampire
A 'Masquerade' character that never saw much play, sadly.
Imagine! I wrote this BEFORE knowing of Rice's wonderful characters...

Movie Reviews:
Interview With A Vampire
Queen Of The Damned

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