"Interview With A Vampire"

"BITE ME, Lestat!"
But do be sure to give 'something' back, you brat! . . .

Seductive and thrilling, this movie is. It earns a spot on the shelf of classics, certainly. The acting by all is first-rate. Most powerful is the 'good bye scene', when Louis gently tells Lestat goodbye. The look of lonliness and longing in Lestat is right to the mark. The actor, Tom Cruise has captured the torments of eternity perfectly. But it's not just all angst, as the wickedly playful Lestat shows.

And Kirstin Dunst does an admirable job of evincing the hardened weariness of age, within a child's body. And of course, when I read the BOOK upon which this movie is made, I hear Brad Pitt's soft voice as Louis through out.

Part of the power of this movie is Anne Rice, the skilled author who wrote the BOOK, also did the SCREENPLAY. There is none of the jarring disappointments to be found by the readers of another, albeit LOOSELY, movie-tized Vampire Chronicle.

All this, and pretty, pretty vamps, too.

''BITE ME, you BAD BOY!''

Yeah, it's that GOOD!

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