Hungry Bonevivant
a little bit of Everquest fiction:
September 1, 2002

Bonevivant lamented to his sister, ''I didn't know I would be left like this, with a hunger that never ends . . .''

Marishka reached up to caress the hard bony cheek of her brother. She'd feared the life of a necromancer would have its down side, and chose a magician's life instead.

''All day long, I burn. All night long, I burn, and my dreams are filled with burning. I fear what I might become. Will I become nothing but this maddening hunger that knows release only so briefly? Shall I? What sort of beast will I become?''

''You can fight it, Bone, Marishka gently suggested.

''But what if I have no power to fight it?'' Bonevivant wailed quietly.

Marishka kissed him and said, ''I'll always be there for you, I'll help you.''

Bone turned to embrace his sister, fearful of the future, but glad to have his sister nearby.

He thought it dishonest of the guildmaster not to fully explain what the path of bloodlust would lead to. But maybe the master had been so wholly swallowed by it, he could imagine nothing else.

He didn't want to become a creature of pure hate. ''Serve our world with the bleeding of others,'' the master had told him. Sigh, he was in it now, and he'd have to make the best of it.

He kissed his sister and returned to the battlefield. The Lavastorm Mountains was full of sharp crags, boiling lava and often orangish skies. He was what he was. With a rigorous wave of his hand, he conjured his bony pet, commanded him to follow him, and sought for suitable prey.

With a keen laser eye, he searched the horizon until a lave basilisk appeared over a mountainous rise. The lizard like creature could stun with its stone breath, but he was careful to avoid that. Sending the pet onto it, he then sucked the creature's strength, drawing it into himself, and then its very life force. He WAS hunger, it had totally consumed him. Merciless he would be in its satisfaction, as he drew upon its life force again, feeling a tingling sensation of pleasure. He smiled at the tingling. It had a shimmer to it, a delicious breathless shimmer. He'd made his apologies to his sister. He craved the shimmering tingling. He must have it. He was so hungry. And the basilisk soon lay inert. He'd drained it dry.

Bonevivant was almost disappointed. After a brief rest, he was at another victim, this time a fire drake, which looked like a small red dragon, complete with fiery breath. He was at it again, seeking the shimmering ease of his hunger. He was what he was, the hunger. He didn't want to fight it, although he was still frightened of what it might make him become.

Maybe he still had control of that. He was more than just the bloodlust hunger. He was sure of it. He'd just have to prove it to himself.

But, as the days went by, day after day, the hunger raged without ceasing. The easiest thing might be to just surrender to it. He was so tired of fighting it. So he let the sensations swim over him, rolling over him in waves. It was surprisingly pleasant and didn't burn at all when he submitted to it. He then relaxed with this acceptance, and suddenly felt happy, almost airy, as the rippling waves of desire flowed over him.

Bonevivant smiled, for he had peace at last. Over and over, he let the waves of hunger roll over him in delicious rivelets. Why had he ever tried to make it so complicated? All that struggle behind me, he quickly forgot why he'd ever bothered.

To feast until full would be sweet, indeed. He smiled with happy anticipation.

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