''Dreaming Of Vampires''
May 24, 2003

© Joan Ann Lansberry

Events in my life and others around me seem not to be accidental. Several months ago, I was visited in my dreams by some one 'tall, pale and handsome'. Now recently, a young woman on one of my discussion groups revealed she'd been dreaming of vampires, in her case the same one visits her dream world regularly. Not only that, a pagan friend of ours who has a student wishing to learn the craft, shared the dream of her student with Julia and I. Her student carefully penned it by hand and Julia read it out loud to the three of us.

The student does not ever use the word 'vampire', but it is clear this is what the man is. Many of the common themes in vampire fiction thread through her dream: the penetrating eyes, window to an unknown dark abyss, yet alluring, the seductive voice, the cold hand, and the captivating manner were all his. He took the student, along with her sister, to a castle. Some vamps of fiction have been known to dwell in castles.

He works a change on her sister, and she hardly recognizes her afterwards. Then he does likewise to her, causing her great discomfort. After she realizes how very hungry she is, she wakes up.

Julia brought her years of Jungian study to the analysis, as well. ''The vampire is symbol for elements WITHIN HER OWN SELF,'' Julia asserted. That which is unknown in ourselves calls to the dreamer. It is frightening, but alluring.

What is UNKNOWN in ourselves that has both this capacity to attract and repel? The vampire promises us transformation: our senses will be heightened, we will become like the Gods for we will know a power unimagined in our current state, and we may taste of immortality.

It is a potent gift that the vampire of our dreams offers us. BUT THE VAMPIRE IS REALLY ASPECTS OF OUR OWN SELF! When we give into the 'embrace', what will we discover?

Will we become like the Gods our own selves? Centuries of ingrained taboo have kept such ambitions out of reach for most mortals. We shudder at the awesome power.

The vampire offers us one teasing taste of his gift, and we want more. We invite him, seduce him and yearn for this potent mystery. We learn the value of the hunger and how it makes us feel alive.

We drink and drink of his gift, and when enlightment occurs, we discover what aspects of our own selves he has been feeding. The vampire leads us to ourselves, to the raw, primal roots within ourselves. Taboo would have us diminish these elements within us. We have been taught they are dangerous and if we pay them heed, we will open the gates of hell within ourselves. The vampire is evil and can't be trusted, we are told, no matter how teasingly seductive he or she may be.

We've been told the very sensuality of their seduction is SIN. The wise mortal flees their embrace, we've been told. But, oh, the kiss feels so good, we welcome it. Will we become damned, like so many others?

But their kisses make us feel so alive. Gradually, we find ourselves changing. No matter the cost, we want to know where that vampire is leading us. At night, in our solitary dreams, we cry, ''Yes!''.

BUT THE VAMPIRE IS REALLY ASPECTS OF OUR OWN SELF! On the day of my full awakening, I shed the last of the tendrils that held me back. When full embrace has occurred, we learn OUR OWN POWER. We learn WE are equal to the Gods. Our senses become heightened because we learn to trust them, and we become more observant. The power we know is of the Gods, for we have become one ourselves, worthy of our own worship. The gates open, and we learn they are not to HELL at all.

It is only the fearful unawakened mortals who think that. We would awaken them, but they fear us. So then, we are there, with our knowledge we offer like the transforming 'liquid' it is, for any who wish it.

Dream, then, oh mortals, dream of us, and maybe one day you can know the power.

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