(from a journal entry December 30, 2002)

All over the web, young women from all over the world, Russia, Japan, France, USA, are drawing fascinating fan art devoted to the various members of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

I've decided to toss my 'artistic' hat into the ring as well:

(pardon the anachronism of the song. . .)

''All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Fangs . . .'''

''All I Wanted For Christmas Were My Two Front Fangs, My Two Front Fangs'',
(okay, there are really FOUR!)

But You wouldn't even give me TWO, MARIUS!!
You were off, busy doing OTHER THINGS!

Now what possibly could have been MORE IMPORTANT than ME??
ME! ME!! ME!!!

Meanwhile MARIUS . . .
is not aware how impatiently his 'Amadeo' waits
for time moves quite differently for a 1500 year old vampire
than it does for a 17 year old mortal boy.

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