Plaything of a rich vampire.

Angelo Torelli was born 1704 near Rome in the Papal States (suspected illegitimate son of pope??) Beautiful voice, he sang in boys choir. Castrated at ten years old, the voice not only was preserved but developed even more. An absolutely exquisite voice, it was said of him that he was an angel singing. He grew extremely popular. Every night a dark mysterious stranger came to his concerts, always taking the center seat of the third row. Angelo became aware of this man who would stare at him like he was looking right through him. It was thrilling in a way. Before long, the mysterious stranger wanted an audience with him.

What intense seduction! Romance, flowers, the Marquis di Romagna knew how to do it right. The daughter of the wealthiest senator couldn't have been seduced any better. Gradual, then one night Georgio tells him, "You have a voice which should not die. I can't imagine you growing old, your voice turning crackly and then one day....", trailing off.

Growing old was a problem. Angelo hadn't been very good with saving his money. Too much elegant clothes, and baubles. The thought of getting old, penniless and no longer attractive to attentive men was dreadful. Angelo confessed, "I fear it, when I get old. I don't even want to think about it. Let's forget that and live for now, in the glorious now," taking a big swallow of some expensive wine. "But you don't have to die!", insisted Georgio. Angelo only laughed. The wine was starting to make him tipsy. "You're being silly!"

"If you could live forever and never grow old, wouldn't you want to? Just imagine it were possible!" Caught up in the 'fantasy' Angelo, dreamed, "Oh, to not grow old and never die, wonderful" Georgio passionately kissed him. "Oh you exquisite creature, I want you forever!" The kissing grew more and more passionate, necking. "Oh, you're sucking SO hard! Not so...." Chomp! Angelo felt as though he were losing all his will, all his identity even. He was just aware of being. Wonderful to just be... Losing awareness, so peaceful...letting it happen, sweet surrender....

Next long had he been passed out? Time seemed strange. Awareness strange. Angelo felt alien to himself. Neither pleasant nor unpleasant, just different. I decided to just lay there. It seemed my old life was but a distance memory. "I shall never again sing on stage..." Why is that? I must give word to Rodrigo and cancel tonight's concert. I don't feel quite myself. I do hope Georgio will return tonight. Somehow I knew he was responsible for the changes. "Damned man! All men are just the same. Find me cute and fascinating, play with me for a while and then impart some sort of payment." Somehow I knew this was more than the usual find me so attractive at night, in private quarters, and then deny any knowledge of me publicly. I hated the spineless ones. Find me a toy and then run home to the "respectable" wife. I'd so hoped the count would be different. I'd forgive anything if only he would be different.

Drifting in and out of sleep...damn that light shining through the curtain. Wasn't the shade drawn tightly enough? Why did the thought of going over to it to check seem dreadful, as if the very light would burn. When will Georgio come? Oh, he'd better come tonight....

...And thus began Angelo's new life....

And thus began the character I invented for "Vampire: The Masquerade", a role-playing game that Laura, Julia, Anton, Cynthia and James were playing. I wrote this in May of 1998 before I'd ever read any of Anne Rice's fiction!

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