Real Magick

Laura Lansberry

What is magick? What is Wicca? What is spirituality? What do I know about such things? What is awareness? What is consciousness? What are the arts? What is real and what is not real? What can bring magick, romance, and excitement into your life?

First, let me introduce you all to the Greatest Book of All! The Mysterious, All Powerful, Book of Enlightenment! This book will introduce you to the source of all power in your life ... it will answer all questions, provide all the answers you will ever need .. and you already have a copy and are not aware of it.

In most cases, to find the Book of Enlightenment, walk into your bathroom, stand in front of your sink, and look straight ahead ... there is the Book of Enlightenment, the Book of All Knowledge in your life. There is the answer to all questions, the solution, when there are solutions, to every problem. There it is; you looking back at you.

You decide what is magick in your life. You decide how to practice Wicca or any other path. You decide what is spiritual and what is not. Your awareness, your consciousness, these are what is real for you and what is not real. Those who are elders, who give themselves titles, have earned them ... but they are not above you, nor below you. Except that we have lived more years and had more experience we are but kindred. The best of us will tell you the same, follow your own heart.

Listen to others, draw from their experience, extract the essense of what is good from what they have to say and from what they do ... as you do, as you become more you, the magick will grow stronger, the romance will deepen, the excitement will be ... delightful.

The Mystery loves an individualist. Perhaps because it is so boring without us. GriN! So don't follow anyone else's path by rote, follow only if it is that which moves you, makes you feel more alive, more passionate, more intensely real. And then follow only that which you are moved to follow. If you can, make your own traditions, your own rituals. Somewhere, at sometime, someone made up the rites, traditions, and rituals, spells, charts, and arts ... draw from them if you like, it sometimes spurs your own creativity.

However, if you really want the biggest bang for your magical buck ... make your own, do what appeals most to you, satisfies your nature, thrills your heart ... for then, if there is a Mystery, and it keeps putting so much magic in my life that it is hard to remain a skeptic, it takes delight in experiencing the joy you bring to your life and things will happen, good and bad.

You will be challenged to overcome the bad ... and you will be challenged to suck every last bit of marrow from the good. For that is the magick ... that is the romance and excitement of life.

Yes, there are helpful things to know ... and if you wish I can tell you what I know, or write of them ... but the heart of it all is in the words I have written here. The heart of it all ... is you.

You who have ears to hear and eyes to see ... capish?

Laura Lansberry posted this message to a local pagan group on March 21, 2002

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