Set Reclaims His Honor
May 4, 2008

This is a de-execretion ritual. I found Ritner's _Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice_ very useful. But its cover has always bothered me. Set is trussed up and Horus is sticking him with daggers. Bad Horus! He once chopped off Mama Isis' head because she dared to defend her brother in their contendings. Isis (Aset) isn't there at this scenario, nor is Thoth, nor is Ma'at. Osiris is, and some other god who I don't recognize. (In addition, the four sons of Horus are also there, supplying daggers. I found Mariette's original, and have a crop showing one of the four sons.) I'm not sure why Horus' bad behavior was being given voice at Dendera. Maybe he was mad about Set's necessary role in Osiris' destiny. But it's time to put it right:

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