Necessary Chaos
May 25, 2013

Chaos: it will only get worse before it gets better!
(Boxes yet to be filled...)

I was amused by the moving chaos, and snapped the scene.
Set looks like he's photobombing it, as if to say,"This chaos is Set-approved!"

I didn't create these scenes, it is just the random chaos as it happened. But serendipity seems to have had a part. A print of Set Jubilating is on top of one pile:

Set Jubilating

Set has been called the 'God of Confusion', as noted in the title of a book by Te Velde. Set can bring the necessary chaos. As an example, change brings with it the confusion of chaos. The order, represented by Ma'at, (whose image happens to be underneath that of Set's), is temporarily upset. But the disturbance is necessary to bring about a better creation.

When the new and improved order is brought into being, I'll document it too with photos!

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