Where the Light Shines Through
October 7, 2006

This is what popped this morning when I let my intuitive side speak:

Find the center,
there's a thread that holds it all together,
woven from one thread...
two threads,
find center...

Hands dart about,
seeking, seeking,
this thread eludes,
yet I know its there...

I feel the texture the interweaving makes,
nubbly and nice.
garment of the whole,
I dwell in the whole,
me here in my mind.

This garment,
does it wrap around all,
each, the surrounding elasticity?

I think it does,
arms of Nuit reaching far.
She wraps around us,
holds us all
and who can know of what yarn she is made?

Starlight peaks through the interweavings.
I am one such star...
and there are so many centers...

JAL, 10-7-06

Where the light shines through...

When I read the poem to Julia, she asked which 'peeks' did I mean, 'peaks' or 'peeks'? I meant 'peek' as 'peek through', but 'peaking' as reaching "a high point in a course of development" (according to m-w.com) works, too. This suggests "willed conscious evolution". She also asked about using the word 'whole' twice. Should I change it to "garment of the whole, I dwell in the hole'? This would emphasize my distinction from Nuit (Nut, Mother of the Gods). But I also dwell 'in the whole'. I think I mean both of those meanings.

And yes, I must give credit to Crowley's _Book of the Law_, in which he declares:

1. Had! The manifestation of Nuit.
2. The unveiling of the company of heaven.
3. Every man and every woman is a star...

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