With All the Love I Know
November 18, 2021

With All the Love I Know

I wanted to say a word
that would be heard,
that would be heard,
and understood,
past the limits of language.

I wanted to touch the infinite
and bring its residue lingering on my fingers
as a blessing of hope
to all I've touched.

Primal goals,
redeeming goals,
to answer the voices which repeat,
"Who are you to have such hopes?"
with unyielding courage:
"This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine!"
(I shall shield it from the cold winds,
this "small, but fierce".)

I will roar in this language I know,
with all the fierce pride and humility,
but with all the love I know,
for love may transcend.

Nov. 18, 2021
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