"What Shall I Do with this Day?" (Response to a Letter)
February 25, 2020

I woke early, answering a letter in my mind. My thoughts seemed somewhat lucid, so I thought I'd better capture them, as they might be gone later.

The correspondent asked:
"I wonder if you've done much work with Thelema, especially the idea of Aiwaz being identical with Set?"

I answered:
I don't know much about this Thelema.

My understanding is that the Setian concept of "Xeper", "willed conscious evolution", relates to the Egyptian verb Kheper, represented by a scarab, meaning "come into being". For me, the best goal of religious/spiritual/magical efforts is the goal of self transformation. It is the best offering to the Gods. It is the Gods' will for us. When our own Wills are focused on this goal, great things can happen. (Or at the very least, we can find the strength and calmness to get through each day!) When our Will is so focused, the Gods will give us every aid.

When I ponder the concept of birth-death-regeneration, it occurs to me every thing is in a process of BECOMING. This is the wisdom of Ptah-Sokar-Wesir (aka Ptah-Sokar-Osiris).

There may be a thing called reincarnation, I like to hope that our Ba is eternal and will manifest again, with a new Ka. Meanwhile, I know the deeds of our current manifestation (the Ka) can continue to live on. Via the arts, the souls of the writers, artists and musicians live in a way to continually inspire us. So there is hope we can be remembered. The ancient Egyptians say "that which is remembered, lives". So there is that.

Meanwhile, there is today, while I have breath and occupy a body. What shall I do with this day?

Thank you for writing,

(Attachment is a photo taken at Chicago's Oriental museum, showing two scarabs, and their meaning. (I added some text.)

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