Two New Projects
May 4, 2019

My clay statue of Set is now safely at the foundry. When he returns all shiny and heavy, he will have a little mat upon which to sit:

Small, only 6cm wide

His throne has been shed of the protective wrap and now waits for its owner to return.

My other statue of Set, which I commissioned back in 2014 from Lena Toritch, has got a new shiny, as well:

About nine inches wide...

And mat is in place....
Why all the zig zags, you might wonder? To me, it signifies pulsing, flowing energy.

Sunshine on my Shrine....
May 20, 2019

I'm not starting a new entry, because this is simply another view here, but (cue John Denver...) "Sunshine on my shrine makes me happy...."

And we can see how quickly the dust gathers in only seventeen days, :) ....

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