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October 14, 2018


A pair of matching Set shas, roughly 4x6 inches, including borders...
I confess the one on the left side hasn't been hemmed, and is still in the hoop.

Set seemed to say, "Why make just one, when you can make TWO!" And so I did. It is a design from 2017, but when I tried to use it, I found the glyphs off center, and the "bread loaf" T was too big and...

Regarding the hieroglyphs, there are a variety of ways to spell Set's name. I've chosen the spelling that was used in all of the pyramids except for Unas' pyramid. Also, this is the spelling that was used in Seti I's tomb. I surmise the ancient spellings would have the best connotations, over those in later tombs. (Also, if it's good enough for the pharaoh named "Man of Set", then surely it is good for me!)

Anyway, I've fixed the pattern to have the glyphs in the correct centered place! (I also have the pattern with the Set sha facing right.)

This will be a welcome piece in the shrine.

But if you've been following this journal/blog, I suspect you're curious to see a project I started back in July!

This one is rather epic! (At least_I_ think it is, !)

"My Two Forever", 15 inches (38 cm)long, including pendants.
Four of the pendents on the bottom are by "On the Temple Steps", and the center one is by Tawa'ubast, via their Shapeways shops.

I like that Ptah as creator god has the center spot!
The hieroglyphs are the short way to say "Neheh", or "forever".

"Cyclic eternity" ((Traunecker trans. David Lorton,_The Gods of Egypt_, page 37)

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