She Guards it Well
January 25, 2014


Stay fast,
Lovers of Truth.
Truth wears a diaphanous feather,
a light feather,
not heavy with sorrow.
She guards it well,
the tended secrets held close to the heart,
the naos unseen where rests the Divine.
(All that is False will not remain opaque,
Dealers in dirty will have their hands revealed.)

JAL, 1-25-14
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Diaphanous = light transmitting
Transparency and translucency From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Diaphanous)
"Some materials allow much of the light that falls on them to be transmitted through the material without being reflected."
In Egyptology
"The naos as a small shrine is known in its typically Egyptian form since the beginning of Ancient Egyptian history."
"A statue of a person holding a little naos, such as the statue of the Ramesside overseer of the treasury Panehsy, is called naophorous.[2] The earliest examples of such statues date to the 18th dynasty."
[2] Elizabeth Frood, John Baines, Biographical Texts from Ramessid Egypt, Society of Biblical Literature, 2007, ISBN 1-58983-210-8, p.166

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