A Simple Epiphany
May 10, 2004

Ah, a simplication and a revelation:

Am I speaking because I think I 'should' speak?
Am I silent because I think I 'should' be silent?

When I could simply:

Speak because I have something to say,
And be silent when I have nothing to say.
The motivation is from within!

(Note of February 19, 2006)

While doing a net search on something else, I came across several Egyptian verses on the virtue of silence.There is one in the "Book of the Dead":

"Speaking and silent, I remain an exact balance"

But today I have found new references:

"Your silence is better than chatter,
speak when you know you have a solution..."
(A declaration of Ptahhotep)

Ptahhotep also declares:

"Speaking is harder than all other work;
He who understands it makes it serve."

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