April 11, 2009

I woke early with thoughts and decided to let inner muse speak:


What holds you to the wall of your limitation?
What fear sinks you back?
What nebulous gray shadow has you pinned?
Can you at least free your eyes to look?
Does your heart pound in your frail frame?
You, your spirit beating wings against the cage?
Your spirit wants to fly.
It would not shrink back.
It has eyes which see far,
it can travel where flesh cannot.
Your spirit can imagine the terrain,
(Flesh may follow),
But spirit travels there first.
Spirit sends spiraling strength to the spine,
which then informs muscle.
Muscle twitches into action,
breaking away from rigid immobilizing fears.
The cage does not hold you!
Imagination forms the key,
imagination born of spirit's fire
forges iron resolve.
The cage cannot hold you,
the fears will not pin you,
when you are strengthened with this firm resolve.
Lift off into the unwritten span of your future,
Only you can write this story.
Only you can fight this strong.
Spirit wins with each stretch.


Spirit speaks well to me this morning, and I hope my flesh listens.

I have a printable version, too.

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