Wednesday, February 17, 2021
More Ideas

Back in October of 2019, I came up with this idea, and brought it so far, and didn't do any more with it:

I had a stiff plastic base made up that was to have served as a base for a relief, similar to...

...the way I used a 3 inch wooden round for the relief of Set's head in 2018.

I still might do something with that base, maybe a different design, maybe stars in hair to say "Hathor-Nut", anyway, I've not given up on that idea.

So enter idea number two, just cooked up this morning.

I started with a three inch wooden round, and positioned Nebthet's head within it.
I could have a plastic base printed up to include the extension of her crown.
I'm feeling some divine urging to follow through on this, maybe....
...or some variation of this???? Maybe one that is just her form....

Julia thought I could try a cut away version,
so getting a little help from Wikipedia, I have this silhouette....
The "svg" profile didn't quite work, as nose was too long, and the chin was too short and receded,
(I had our profile photos to go by for adjustments.)
Also Nebthet's 'het' (house) was too skinny and tall, already adjusted some in the left image.)

Fun fact! The goddesses Nebthet (Nephthys) and Hathor (Hethert) share an hieroglyph!
"Nebthet" is translated "Lady of the House"
"Hathor" is translated "House of Horus"
("O6" is an ideogram for "hwt", meaning "Enclosure, palace, temple, tomb"

Thursday, February 18, 2021
Refining of Idea for Nebthet

I uploaded the silhouette to Shapeways to make the base of 'fine detail plastic', which will be 95mm by 130.6mm big, and about 4mm thick.

Earlier, I held a paper up to the monitor. At 50% display, the silhouette on the screen measured only a little bigger than the base dimensions. I sketched to see how much detail I might be able to obtain.

I find myself eager for the base to arrive, and hope that the plans for bronze casts will come into fruition.

Sunday, February 21, 2021
Another Idea

So I got thinking to try a silhouette that could do for either Hathor or Hathor-Nut, because, why not?

I started with a flip of the Wikipedia image:

But, my, the size of that crown! It looks unbearable!

This size seems more manageable!

Side by side, just because....

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