Thursday, February 27, 2020
Hathor (Bat) Cow Heads from Narmer Palette

Narmer palette Hathor (Bat) Cow heads, drawn freehand
(From _In the Shadow of the Pyramids_ by J. Malek and W. Forman, University of Oklahoma Press 1986, pages 14 and 15)

Narmer's name is depicted by "two hieroglyphs representing the cat-fish (nar) and a chisel (mer)" (page 15)

It amuses me that the ears look a bit like leaves, was the artist subtly referring to Hathor's title as "Lady of the Sycamore"?

Left Side Narmer palette Hathor (Bat) Cow head, traced
(From a photo by Heidi Kontkanon)
1st dynasty, from Hierakonpolis Main Deposit (temple at Nekhen), Cairo museum JE32169 - CG14716

This isn't the only place Hathor (Bat) is referred to. Narmer's kilt bears an ornament featuring four Hathor heads on top of columns, rather similar to the ones on Djoser's statue fragment. Wikipedia shows us Narmer's kilt from the other side of the palette:

This view helps us to understand Djoser's fragment better:

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