Wednesday, January 8, 2020
Sculptural Mystery Solved

My shoulder aches, because I over did the needlepointing. Truth be known, I had been doing the needlepoint nearly all my waking hours. However, no matter how strong willed I am, I can no longer keep forcing myself to do so.

So I'm left to find other amusements. I'm getting back into reading books I'd bought and set aside. I'm also looking at old photo archives. I found these two photos mysteriously misplaced into the wrong folder. Judging by the date stamp, I learned I snapped these the day Julia and I visited LACMA in 2018

After much effort, I did find some information and photos at the museum, but only when I searched externally via Google for "Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne LACMA". Simply searching "European sculpture" failed to turn it up:

Portrait of Jean Restout, Director of the French Royal Academy, 1761
Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne II, Paris, France, 1704-1778
Terracotta, H, H. 0,58 m; W. 0,54 m; D. 0,26 m
Signed and dated on the back: Restou directeur de l'acad. fait par J. B. Lemoyne 1761
European Painting Deaccession Fund, LACMA #M.2012.11

The above is what I captured from the info card.

Galerie Heim's website has more info, which I've used to supplement our info here.
Galerie Heim asserts "Provenance: Private collection, France". Comparing photos, scratch for scratch, their sculpture matches the one I saw at LACMA. The page says LACMA acquired this sculpture in 2012, from this Heim gallery. Mystery solved!

The Heim page says of LeMoyne, "Grimm wrote in his Correspondance littéraire: 'No sculptor was his equal in the witty and graceful execution of a bust, and for giving marble or clay perfect mimicry and life' (Grimm, Correspondance littéraire, t. X, p. 381)." I'm inclined to agree that he did wonderfully in capturing a lively character essence.

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