Saturday, September 22, 2018
Tutankhamun's Tiny Treasures

We've had computer calamity, and maybe if the new new computer holds up, I'm here in webland to stay. You read right, "new new". Our first replacement computer began to fail a month after we got it. This was of course when the store warranty was no longer valid. We did not buy the extended warranty. While at Walmart, getting the car's battery replaced, I learned they had a much better selection than the store at which we will no longer shop. This time, we did take the extended warranty and we kept the box in which the computer came.

So hopeful, I return to my many photos from the Tutankhamun exhibit, and a new version of Photoshop. "Creative Cloud" looks on the surface quite different, but after poking around, things began to be more familiar.

Tutankhamun had so many beautiful tiny treasures! Not all of my photos turned out clear, but enough of them did.

Faience Wadjet Eye Pectoral with Chain of Gold and Blue Faience
Red Gold, Blue Faience
Reign of Tutankhamun 1336-1326 BCE
Grand Egyptian Museum #493

I love this little amulet of Djehuty (Thoth):

Gold and Feldspar Thoth Amulet
Gold, Green Feldspar
Height 5.5cm (2.16 inches)
Reign of Tutankhamun 1336-1326 BCE
Grand Egyptian Museum #197 (Formerly JE 61863)
"The fourth layer of objects around the neck of Tutankhamun's mummy contained, along with other amuletic objects, this figure of the god Thoth." (T.G.H. James, Tutankhamun, Metro books/White Star 2000) page 168)

Gold Djed Pillar Amulet with Faience Inlay
Grand Egyptian Museum #130

Gold Bracelet Decorated with Piece of Green Stone
Grand Egyptian Museum, #3317

LEFT: Gold and Feldspar Papyrus Column (Wadj) Amulet, GEM #16356
RIGHT: Gold and Feldspar Wadj Amulet, GEM #16355

Finger Ring in the Form of Two Gold Uraei Inlaid with Glass
Gold, Glass
Grand Egyptian Museum, #39155

Gold Wadjat Eye Bracelet with Lapis and Obsidian Inlay
Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian
Grand Egyptian Museum #39159? (Number was blurred in the photo)

I neglected to photograph the info card for these elaborate earrings, but fortunately I found the info in a book I have.
Earring with Figure of the King, surrounded by two uraie
Grand Egyptian Museum #? (Formerly JE 61971)

The back side...

Earring with Duck Head
Grand Egyptian Museum #? (Formerly JE 61969)

The back side...

Even more photos to come in a later post!

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