Saturday, October 21, 2017

It's been a long time since I've updated in "Tasting Life Twice". It's been since transcribing a day from my travel journal, my visit to the Pompeii exhibit in Portland, Oregon. The next day in that paper journal, August 2, 2017, only says that when I called home, I found a very sick Julia. She thought she had food poisoning.

From there began a long sad adventure from which Julia is still recovering. We learned she has Arterial Venous Malformation in her intestines, potentially life threatening. Two surgeries to cauterize some of the worst offending malformed veins, and after over a month at rehab, trying to regain the mobility to get out of bed, Julia is now at last at home.

A report of Ankh Arrival and Comparing the Design and its Realization, regarding my beautiful Hathor-Sekhmet medals are all the notes I've made here since last August.

I notice it was nine months ago that I shared the progress report on the first needlepoint:

The first version is on the left, the second version is on the right.

I've widened the eye placement compared to the first version. The only color changes from the first version is the shadowed gold under the eyes and the center red band in the collar is darker. Grayscale photos of the first version showed the bright red and the apple green were too alike in darkness. (I say 'grayscale' as that's Photoshop term, B/W is a form of "bitmap" that renders everything to black and white tones only.)

And I've used the basketweave stitch (which you can see by the diagonal stitches).

A serene and loving gaze looks out from the second version, with which I'm pleased.

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