Sunday, August 14, 2016
Ptah-Soker-Osiris Statues and Ancient Egyptian Tools

Two Ptah-Sokar-Osiris statues, only info is that they are from the Late Period and a gift of Geoffrey A. Smith to Balboa Park's Museum of Man

Despite my best Photoshop skills, we still see reflections and a reflection of the photographer, :)

Bronze Tools, from Amarna, Gift of Miss Ellen Browning Scripps
Above them are Pigments and a Kohl Stick, also from Amarna and gifts of Miss Scripps. We have green malachite, red ochre, yellow ochre and cobalt blue.

Shaduf yoke, from Amarna, and a gift from Miss Scripps.

The shaduf was used for irrigations of crops. The first representation of these lifting devices comes from the Amarna period, but they were introduced to Egypt from Mesopotamia. Shadufs are useful for raising small amounts of water, such as that which is needed in small gardens.

Ipuy's Theban Tomb 217 has just such an illustration:

Scene from Theban Tomb 217, Ipuy, Sculptor, a color detail of his garden and house (Davies, Norman de Garis, Two Ramesside tombs at Thebes New York, 1927, Plate XXIX

This yoke is what connects to the water pot, as we can see in the scene above. When the counterweight in the back part of the shaduf is raised, the pot can release its water.

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