Saturday, April 16, 2016
Up Close and Personal

The long siege of flu is coming to an end! I can feel myself getting stronger day by day!

(But I'm still needing the antihistamines, strange bug that makes my ear feel like it has water in it.) I've not been inspired for creativity, but at least I'm making progress on some tracings. During the process, I feel quite near to the piece, really able to give it a good look:

Original photo by "K.Fav, Urban Artifax"

I have one view of this piece already traced, showing how the side of Hathor that faces Mutemwia has hair follows the slant of the barque:

Detail of the Hathor faces from Mutemwia ('Mut is in the barque')
From Karnak, Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, around 1400 BCE
Granodiorite, Length: 216 centimetres (85 in.)
British Museum #EA 43
Original source photo by "Sandrine"

It's an amazing sculpture, a play on words, for Amenhotep III's mother's name "Mutemwia" means 'Mut is in the barque', and that's how she is depicted. It's too bad her torso and head are lost, but we can see that she is enthroned, holding an ankh and embraced by Mut in the form of a vulture:

Zoom of British Museum photo

The view from the front of the barque reveals the cartouche of "NebMaatRa" within the Hathor sistrum. So likely he had this piece commissioned when he was king, as he did so many other magnificent pieces.

Sunday, April 17, 2016
Second Trace of Mutemwia Barque

The cartouche below Hathor's face says "Great Royal Wife Mutemwia".

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