Sunday, October 25, 2015
Picasso Drawing at Phoenix Art Museum

Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881-1973
Jeune sculpteur avec travail (Young Sculptor at Work), 1933
Gift of Mr. Edward Jacobson, #1975.16

My horoscope advised today is "a great time for creative projects". But I feel a bit pooped, so I decided to enjoy the creative efforts of others. I still have many photos from our Phoenix trip that I haven't explored, so I opened up the photo folders. My eyes settled on this appealing etching of Picasso. After I salvaged my photo from its glass reflections, I thought to check a favorite site of my, the "I Require Art" Facebook page, where I learned today would have been Picasso's birthday, had he lived to 124 years old. I don't think anyone has ever made it to 124, although Jeanne Calment did make it to 122.

Picasso is credited with saying: "It takes a very long time to become young."

The "IZQUOTES.COM" page explains: "In Cannes, France, 1966, after a woman asked him to explain why his early paintings seem so solemn and conventional and the later ones so youthful and exuberant. As reported in the book 'It takes a long time to become young' (1978) by Garson Kanin, pages 83 and 84. Although, seems that Picasso had already said this at least 10 years before, since this quote also appears in the book "The Hand of a Stranger" (Journal D'un Inconnu) by Jean Cocteau, first published in 1956, page 20: 'Picasso says: It takes a very long time to become young...'"

Today's etching reminds me a bit of Cocteau's drawings.

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