Sunday, June 21, 2015 B
Line Drawing of Thoth, based on KV14

Sharpie and micron pens on 9x12in bristol board

I was hunting through King's Valley Tomb photos, ever on the outlook for Hathor. But this rendition of Thoth grabbed me. Thoth has long been overdue for some real attention from me, so I thought I'd have a go.

Photo courtesy William Petty

I did a 'auto color' adjustment, then a brightening, and the colors came up beautifully. But I could see there is some distortion, as the moon part of his crown is seriously shortened due to the perspective. So I hunted on the web, and found one a little less distorted from "kairoinfo4u":

Photo courtesy kairoinfo4u

I adjusted the brightess, to see it better, and used this one to draw by. I wondered about the diagonal sash, so I hunted other images of Thoth. Menna's tomb shows the sash. Abydos shows it. The vast majority feature it, so I included it in my drawing. As only Thoth has it, I'm guessing it is something scribes wore to wipe their pens on to clean them between strokes.

Hair lines, or no hair lines? The elegant image in Abydos has them, so I went with hair lines.

I would like to color this using a similar color palette. Pdf of the line drawing is available, too.

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