Sunday, March 8, 2015 B
"Horse" Play At TMA

Hombre a caballo/ Man on a Horse, c. 1973
Fernando Botero, Colombian, b. 1932
Bronze, 1/6
Kasser Mochary Collection, "The Figure Examined", at Tucson Museum of Art

I had problems with reflections. The speckled section in lower left is recognizable as Julia's dress.

There was an exhibit on "Horses of the West", but the only piece that really intrigued me is "Tipi Horses":

Tipi Horses, 1963
Paul Dyck, American, 1917-2006
Oil on masonite
Gift of Mrs. Frederic O. Hess, TMA #1985.5.1

"Devoted to the lives, history, and imagery of Native Americans, Dyck lived among several tribes and gained first-hand knowledge of these cultures throughout the twentieth century. He applied his knowledge of fourteenth century painting techniques and used egg tempera and oil glazes for desired effect. Dyck found inspiration by looking at depictions of horses in hide paintings or ledger drawings of Native American peoples." (From info card)

There's a huge horse and rider sculpture outside of the museum:

I failed to capture the info card, but someone else did.
"It is entitled “Yesterday is Tomorrow” and was sculpted by Betty Saletta."

To me, the piece by itself is skillfully done, but becomes so much more when others interact with it, as Julia did:

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