Sunday, November 23, 2014 A
"Mona Mona"

My first drawing since November 4th! This is an intuitive drawing. The first element was the bowl-shaped line highlighted here:

At that point, I had no idea where this drawing was to go. The second element was the inverted "A" that forms the neckline of Mona's dress. Shoulders and neck followed, and it was still having a 'bowl' feeling.

To me, this drawing is highlighting receptivity, as Mona is a vessel. I think of the bowl (or basket) shaped 'neb' glyph in Egyptian hieroglyphs which is usually translated 'lord of', as for example Ptah is titled "Lord of Ma'at", which means to say Ptah CONTAINS Ma'at; it is present within him.

So what is present within Mona? There is an electric plug beside her, which is suggesting Energy Source. The rather zig-zaggy title "M O N A M O N A A A", which is around the plug like a halo, suggests emissions of Energy, which Mona is receiving. Her nearby hand and foot seem poised to receive the Energy.

Around the base of her crossed legs is a zig-zag, similar to the zig-zag hieroglyph that suggests waves of water. Instead of a wave of water, we have a wave of energy. Even the repetition of lines in the border of the mat she is sitting on reminds me of a pulsing of waves.

So here we have the meaning for our Mona's smile. She knows the Divine Source of her Energy and is well 'fed'.


Sunday, November 23, 2014 B
"Coloful Mona Mona"

I confess, I did my coloring from a print of the line drawing, rather than the original!

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