Sunday, August 3, 2014
"Julia and a Relief of Thutmose III"

A relief of Thutmose III is behind her. Notice the glyphs for "given life".

The wall that is behind Julia includes the corner, which you can see if you go to the museum website.

Reliefs of Thutmose III
Sudan (Kumma, temple of Amenhotep II, reused in foundation), New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Thutmose III, 1479–1425 B.C.E.
Painted sandstone, H x W (a/b): 88.6 x 112/106.5 cm (34 7/8 x 44 1/8/41, 15/16 in.)
Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 1924, MFA #25.1510a-b
"Two fitted sandstone slabs forming a corner (block b includes the corner); sunk relief with blue pigment depicting: (a) Tuthmosis III, facing right, with vulture above, before the ram-headed Khnum who holds a was-scepter; (b) a similar scene, reversed; both blocks also carry vertical columns of hieroglyphic text which include names, titles, and epithets of King Thutmose III." (Museum website)

"These reliefs come from one in a series of forts along the Nile at the point of the Second Cataract, or rapids, just south of the present-day border between Egypt and Sudan. They show Thutmose III making offerings to the ram-headed god Khnum, lord of the cataracts. Originally built during the Middle Kingdom, the forts were restored and reoccupied in the early New Kingdom. In addition to fortifications, the forts also contained small temples for the worship of local deities. These temple blocks were found dismantled and reused in the foundation of a new temple." (From info card)

The other wall (side 'A')

Thutmose III on side 'B'

Thutmose III on side 'A'

Cartouche of Thutmose III's throne name Menkheperra, "Enduring are the manifestations of Ra"

Khnum from side 'B'

Thursday, August 7, 2014 A
"Drawing: A Sense of Flow"

Black sketching pencil and sharpie pen on 11x14 in. sketching paper...

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