Wednesday, July 2, 2014 A

I had trouble getting to sleep last night. I always have trouble getting to sleep the night before I travel. Rather than counting sheep, I counted Egyptian Netjeru, A-Z. I'm sure I missed a few. Then I tried naming Egyptian pharaohs, beginning with the earliest. I think I fell asleep after Montuhotep.

Next I knew, the radio was telling me about birds, swallows in particular. By the time I was awake enough to listen, the alarm came on and I was up.

Now Julia and I wait, listening to what is probably some form of Hawaiian music. The airport restaurant has been transformed into an Hawaiian themed bar. They haven't changed the unintelligable speakers, however.!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 B
"En Route, Doodling For Amusement"

"Free Hand", I drew my hand first, then sketched Julia's hand.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 C
"First Night"
9:48pm (Boston Time)

The hotel bed is large and comfy. And I find myself despite the three hour time difference, easily believing it is 9:48pm. Although most of the day was spent on the plane, the evening has been pleasant. After arriving and checking in, we chose the nearest restaurant for the evening meal.

As this is a Mensa gathering, we all have red pendant badges with our names. A short little lady from New Orleans was talkative. We shared a lot of interests: PBS dramas and archaeology! She recommended the fish sampler wtih small lobster sandwich, crab cake and clam chowder. It was very tasty chowder. From there, we wandered around, finding the hotel is connected to a mall, which has a lovely courtyard. I enjoyed the moist warm evening air and a pleasing waterfall shaped like a table which soothed us with the sound of its falling water:

As we wandered back to the hotel, I was intrigued by the sound of singing. We peeked in the door to hear sacred harp (aka 'shape-note') singing/ At firsst I just listened, then grabbed a songbook someone put down before they walked out. Although a cappella and four part harmony, it is more complex than I realized. The early American Christian music has a 'folkish' sound. When at last I sang along with a song I knew, I discovered the melody line isn't given to the sopranos. Each part takes its turn with the melody.

Later, Julia hoped to find some people she knew, but didn't see anyone. Perhaps tomorrow...

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