Tuesday, October 29, 2013
"Lipchitz at UAMA"

Tucson's University of Arizona has a nice little art museum. It has a large collection of art by Jacques Lipchitz. I took several photos during my 2008 visit and my 2012 visit, but did not share them all.

So I've been digging them out.

The info card I photographed only said "Gazelle 1911"

"Gazelle 1911" and "Bather"

Bather (large), 1922-23
Jacques Lipchitz
Born Druskinkiki, Lithuania, 1891, died Capri, Italy, 1973
Plaster (painted to simulate bronze)
Gift of Yulla H. Lipchitz, UAMA 1979.023.005

"Portrait of a Young Woman"

"Gertrude Stein, 1934"

Aiming to learn a bit more, I consulted Google Book search and found the The Grove Encyclopedia of American Art, Volume 1, edited by Joan M. Marter:

According to this source, Lipchitz started out naturalistic, then went abstract, and then:
"Lipchitz was concerned that some of his sculpture was too abstract, that he had almost lost the sense of the subject, of its humanity", and worked to rectify that, including a "renewed interest in frontaliity, an aspect of Egyptian and archaic sculpture that he greatly admired." (The Grove Encyclopedia of American Art, Volume 1, (Oxford University Press, 2011) page 169)

I may gather all my photos of his artwork and create a gallery for them.

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