Monday, April 22, 2013
"Line Drawing of Nephthys and Isis"

I've been meaning to do this drawing for ages. I'd saved a photo of one of Tutankhamun's pectorals to the 'new' computer to inspire me. Then the 'new' computer died. Meanwwhile, the old Windows XP computer chugs on, fortunately.

The photo turned up again in my web travels. A Chinese fortune cookie admonished me, "Express yourself now." And I thought, yes, it's really high time I do some ART!

So I assembled a template from which to draw. The original pectoral featured a scarab with funky wings, no doubt brought about by the need for all of its metal components to touch each other. And I liked the top part of another one of Tut's pectorals better. And I thought the wings of the solar disc should spread out past the borders:

I also didn't care so much for the faces, so I found a nicer Nephthys via Setnakht's tomb (KV 14)

Via 'Ark in Time', 'Images Octave'

The original is on 14x17 inch bristol board. Shall I color that one, or the 8x10 inch version?

Thursday, May 2, 2013
"Digital Color Version of Nephthys and Isis"

Will I want to attempt a colored pencil version???

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