Friday, March 8, 2013
"Statues of Seti II "

Le roi Séthi II (The pharaoh Seti II)
1200-1194 B.C.E. (19th Dynasty)
Grès (sandstone)
Louvre #A 24 (From info card)
"Avec une autre statue conservée au musée de Turin, elle encadrait l'entrée d'un reposoir de barque dans la première cour du temple d'Amon à Karnak."

"With another statue kept in the museum of Turin, it framed the entrance to a barque altar in the first courtyard of the temple of Amon at Karnak."
Photo by Heidi Kontkanen, adjusted in Photoshop by me

This "standard-bearer statue of the king in the Louvre (A. 24)" originally had a crown, part of which is in the Cairo museum. "In reality, the composite crown was similar to that of the companion statue in Turin (inv. no. 1383)" (Hourig Sourouzian, "Conservation of Statuary", Egyptology at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century, Vol. 3., edited by Zahi Abass Hawass and Lyla Pinch Brock (American Univ in Cairo Press, 2003), page 411)

Perhaps since 2003, a mold was taken of this crown fragment, as Ms. Kontkanen's photo shows the lower half of a crown. I was able to find a photo of the Turin statue, taken by Roberto Venturini:

This statue has escaped facial damage...

Ms. Kontkanen also captured Seti II's cartouche, which is on the statue's back:

(Addition of August 15, 2013), another colleague captured the back view of this statue, photo © Kirsti Häkkilä

We can imagine these two statues framing the entrance to the altar area...

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