Sunday, April 22, 2012
"Blooms and a Balloon"

Smucker Park path, in the early morning sunlight...

The weekend has been a hot one. It got up to 104F (40C) yesterday. I feel sorry for all the artists who baked at yesterday's Art Beat in Old Town. We went around ten o'clock, and it was already pretty steamy by then. I saw some very nice art there, and especially liked the mosaics. After lunch at Asian Star, (my usual shrimp and broccoli), I made some slow progress on my writing project. Then in the afternoon, we saw a movie about Georgia O'Keefe. I wondered why it never made it to the theater, then learned it was done for 'Lifetime' TV. It really merited the big screen, as all the actors did admirely to portray her life.

This morning, I needed to clear my head, so I suggested we get out early, 6:00am early, to the park for a walk. I'd seen the jacaranda blooms yesterday around noon, and hoped to get a good photo with them. But the afternoon heat was too much for them, and the trees have already lost some of their blooms.

After we finished our walk, I saw a hot air balloon above us. It was too far away to get a good photo, though. I was happy, though. We'd had a good walk, and both of us felt much better. I had a small surprise when we got home. The balloon had followed us home!

It went right over our house!

Sunday, April 29, 2012
"Bloom Embraced by the Sky

An intuitive drawing which I scanned and colored digitally.

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