Saturday, February 4, 2012
"Two Rivers Ren Faire"

His parrots did little tricks

Banat Tabla danced

Captain Wolfbeard O'Brady and his accordian

It was still chilly when Julia and I left the house to go to West Wetlands Park. The entrance was confusing, but I figured it out. After a quick round of the vendors, we settled down for a parrot show called "Fowl Tales". He had three different parrots, the youngest of which (pictured above) was 19. When that show was done, we found the belly dancers and caught most of their show. Hunger got us next, and the fish and chips sure were tasty. Julia thought she might have some ale, so we walked to that vendor. Then she decided against it. Meanwhile, a singing group called "Treehouse Pipers" were performing nearby and the alto singer's voice attracted me. The tenor was excellent, as were the instrumentalists. I don't remember their names, except for that of the violinist, because the tenor made reference to 'Heather' several times. We sat there until their show was finished, and then wandered onto a sort of 'heavy metal Renaissance' band called Dread Crew of Oddwood. Their high energy and good rhythm attracted me.

When their showed ended, I noticed Julia looked awfully red in the face. She said she'd had too much sun. She seemed a bit faint, so I got her home and she cooled off and felt better.

I enjoyed this year's show more than I thought I would have. Julia enjoyed it, too, but wished she'd worn her sunglasses and her broad brimmed hat. I had both, so I was fine. I didn't think to suggest it as the morning was so chilly. Next time we'll remember.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
"Intuitive Drawing: Flying High"

This is really begging to be colored...

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