Tuesday, July 5, 2011 B
"More Exploration and Celebration"

After arriving back at the hotel, Julia and I wandered a bit. I briefly explored Nordstorms in hopes of finding 'shiny things', as I remembered reading they carried the Mary Jurek line. I thought by some miracle, they could have an eight inch 'Trillia' bowl, even though that style has been discontinued. (I'm lucky to have the small bowls, which we use a lot, and the biggest one. I still hope to have a complete set one day.)

But, alas, they didn't even have a housewares section! It has only clothes, perfume and shoes. I picked up one shoe, which featured the designer logo on its top, $795!!! Another, more plain, was 'only' $495!

I did not even venture to inspect clothing prices. We next wandered into Macy's, which advertised more reasonable she prices. I did check a shirt price, a nice plaid shirt on sale for an attainable $35. But it didn't call to me with that 'gotta have it' intensity, so I left it behind.

(Besides, I've already added a new blouse from the Columbia Sportswear store, a seersucker ivory, turquoise and green plaid, which will be a nice souvenir

Next, we wandered through a gift shop. I only bought three postcards, featuring nice views of Mt. Hood.

We never did find the chocolate shop.

After this brief wander, we headed 'home' for a nap and TV watching. History Channel's "Pawn Stars" features people who come to their shop hoping to get huge bucks on stuff, much of which is mostly junk. It was a nice contrast to PBS' "Antiques Roadshow", which featured curious people exploring the 'junk' they'd rescued from the trash. (Only a couple 'dumpster divers', most retrieved the objects BEFORE someone was throwing it out.) They all had happy surprises, the happiest was the one who had glass fragments and house plan books rescued earlier from Tiffany's house fire at Laurelton Hall, which was being stored in someone's attic being cleaned out. The examiner gave a $15,000 estimate, as a museum would surely be interested.

In the evening, we enjoyed the traditional PBS "Capitol Fourth". An excellent program, I didn't know Steve Martin is in a Bluegrass band. And Josh Grobin sang three songs! (One of my FAVs! :)

So the holiday was celebrated well. Today, our last day here, we hope to explore Powell's books. The weather is to continue sunny and warm, to aid our walk there.

Julia 'conversing' with the local art...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 C
"Books and Other Pleasures"

We arrived fifteen minutes before Powell's bookstore opened. A column supporting the building's corner has been transformed into a stack of books:

Julia tells me the one with a Chinese title is "Tao te Ching",'Book of the Way of Power'

After capturing the 'stack of books', we found a sunny bench on which to rest. From this vantage point, we watched a growing group of people waiting for entry. When we saw the first one disappear behind the door, we left our perch.

Upon entry, we found its vastness has been organized into color coded areas. Archaelogy and history are in the Purple area, as well as the restrooms. Of course I made a bee-line for the Egyptian section!

I didn't want to get more than I could carry on the mile walk back, so I settled on four books: a fun book _The Cat in Ancient Egypt_, by Jaromir Malek; _In the Shadow of the Pyramids_, also by Malek, along with W. Forman; _Egyptian Painting and Relief_, a thin book by Gay Robins; and _Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection, Berlin: 100 Masterpieces_, by several authors.

The Neues Museum was recently re-opened after several decades since war-caused ruin, and this book celebrates many pieces not seen since then. Among them is a better photo of Sahure's relief featuring Set and another god. I will scan this one when I get a chance.

Julia felt woozy, so she sat and rested while I gathered books. We got drinks at the café within Powell's, an iced chai for me and some hot tea for Julia. I didn't need the tasty raspberry muffin, but I ate it anyway.

Walking back to our room, we spied the chocolate shop! Julia got hot chocolate, "the best she's ever had", and I got pomegranate tea which went very well with the three pieces of dark chocolate truffle. Exquisite! "Moonstruck", is their brand name, should you ever have reason to go there.

This evening we hope to find the "Pastini Pastaria", a restaurant whose sign we can see from the eleventh story windows by the elevators, but haven't yet located on foot.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 D
"Will We Be Back?"

Pastini was easily located. I had butternut squash ravioli with gorgonzola cheese, while Julia has cioppini - mussels, scallops and shrimp in a tomato-based sauce, with garlic bread. We both chose tiramisu for dessert. It was light and perfectly spiced. Often it's ruined with too much rum or spices, but not there.

The friendly waitress asked, "Would we be back?". We replied, "Yes we would, if we were not returning to Arizona tomorrow."

The "Travelhost" magazine found in our hotel room says "in August 2010 Portland was named one of 'the U.S. & Canada's Best Places to Eat', by "Food & Wine'". Everything we've eaten here has been wonderful. We've hd a wonderful time here.

As I look over the magazine, I see there are many places we didn't see, including a waterfront park in walking distance from our hotel. Perhaps, if we are lucky to have a second visit, we'll catch some of those.

Meanwhile, tomorrow this time, we'll be back in roasty, toasty Yuma!

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