Sunday, April 10, 2011
"Photos From the Past"

It's been a lovely unusually cool weekend here in the desert. After some tasks, we enjoyed a park walk and a good meal at Mi Rancho. Then we tackled the computer problems. Our friends gave us a very generous solution, a nearly new computer from the Windows XP era that will run my Adobe "Creative Suite CS2" programs and allow me to make scans for a long time.

Compared to the one with the ailing hard disk, it is very fast. I wasted no time in scanning. When I was searching for all the program and device software disks, I found some old photos from 1998. I made the Renaissance outfits we are wearing here:

If I remember right, we went to a Renaissance themed wedding, which featured a professional photographer, hence Julia is posed so nicely here.

There I am, with Laura and Julia. I am 5ft 4in, while Laura was 5ft 8in, and Julia is 5ft 10 inches (162, 173 and 178 cm)

The thirteen year old photos had many scratches and 'dust', which I had to fix:

Original speckly, 'dust and scratches' filter in Photoshop, fixed sample

I worked with two layers, the bottom was the version with dust and scratches filter set to 2 pixels, and the original speckly scan on top. I erased away where ever the specklies were. In this way, I could keep the photo's details.

I was not nearly as fat as I am now in this photo. A couple of years earlier, you can see I was even thinner, judging by how the vest is laced.

Laura, Julia and I visited Sedona in 1995. Julia photographed Laura and I in front of Bell Rock:

Julia posed, too.

Going back even further in time, I found an old polaroid which I scanned at 400 dpi so I could crop to a 5x7 inch size:

I'm guessing the time was 1973, but it might have been 1972, when Dad, Gramma and I visited Missouri.

I wish I knew then how thin I was and how good I looked!

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