Saturday, October 30, 2010
"Twisty Turny Who"

Just a silly little drawing...
When Julia saw it, she said it reminded her of the twisty Serpopards on the Narmer palette. (line drawing detail).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
"The Serpent Sata"

The British Museum is featuring the Book of the Dead in its latest exhibit. The Guardian has a feature on it. The BBC has a video featuring a tour by curator John H Taylor.

The camera eye gives a good view, which will have to satisfy for those who can't go the museum. I took special note of a serpent with legs. Taylor describes the text below it, and I found it in Budge's translation. Taylor referred to the snake as 'Satis', if I heard right, but Budge refers to it as 'Sata':

The Chapter of making the transformation into the serpent Sata.
The chancellor-in-chief, Nu, triumphant, saith:
"I am the serpent Sata whose years are many. I die and I am born again each day. I am the serpent Sata which dwelleth in the uttermost parts of the earth. I die, and I am born again, and I renew myself, and I grow young each day."

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