Tuesday, March 16, 2010
"A Couple Synchronicities"

Sunday evening we watched a DVD of Metropolitan Opera's 1977 performance of La Boheme, featuring Pavarotti in his prime. I almost didn't recognize him, he looked so young. A tiny synchronicity, the original performance was on March 15th, exactly 33 years ago.

Today there's a larger synchronicity. I'm slowly reading _Tutankhamun: The Untold Story_ by Thomas Hoving. Just this morning, I read about Theodore Davis' discards; "the jars, the pieces of linen and the bags of a dried-out substance were really of no great immediate interest to Winlock, either..." but Winlock, the associate curator of Egyptology at the Met museum, asked for them anyway, giving "scientific reasons". (page 52) "For eleven years Winlock paid them no attention at all." (page 53)

When he got around to examining the large collection, "he saw things none one had seen before"(page 61)

"The contents of the shallow pit found by Davis were obviously not from the tomb, but the linen fragment in one of the jugs with the name Tutankhamun was at least further evidence the the King was somewhere in the area." (page 56)

Furthermore, "the jugs, the cups and some clay items actually carried a number of seals of Tutankhamun and the seal of the royal necropolis. That in itself was the absolute and final clue to the fact that Tutankhamun had been buried in the valley."(page 61)

Winlock's discovery gave Howard Carter renewed determination to keep looking for the tomb, after several fruitless years of searching.

Later, this evening, I visited the Met museum's website, in hopes of finding something inspiring. TODAY, the very day I read about these pieces, a special exhibition opened, Tutankhamun’s Funeral - March 16, 2010–September 6, 2010

The exhibition pages features photos of those items Winlock examined:

The cartouche of his throne name "Nebkheperura" is plainly visible on this linen fragment

"Fragmentary Impression of the Necropolis Seal from Tutankhamun's Embalming Cache"

Anubis, god of cemetaries and embalming is at the top of the seal impression, which features him as "a recumbent jackal over nine bows". (_The Routledge dictionary of Egyptian gods and goddesses_, by George Hart, page 26),

Thursday, March 18, 2010
"Stepping Up"

A refined
(I traced from the original, and still didn't like it, so I played with it some more in Photoshop...)

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