Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Beautiful Vessels"

The Greeks and Romans, (at least the wealthy ones), had beautiful vessels from which they prepared their foods and ate and drank. I saw many lovely examples at the Getty museum.

Pitcher with a Snake
Bronze Oinochoe (pouring vessel)
Roman, from Campania, CE, 1-79

Detail of face at handle base...

Snake detail...

Silver Strainer with Snake Handles (Or are they duck heads?)
Greek, 350-300 BCE

Snake-Thread Flask
Glass, Roman, CE, 200-300
Height- 5 5/8 in (14.2 cm)
(From info card)
"The artisan who created this striking vessel did so in a surprisingly short period of time, probably less than twenty minutes. After the flask's body was inflated, hot trails - threads of white and blue glass - were applied to the surface in a snakelike pattern. The meandering colored trails complement and accentuat the flask's rounded shaped."

(From _Handbook of Antiquities Collection_)
"So called snake-thread glass was developed first in the glass workshops of the eastern Mediterranean." "Shortly after its appearance in the eastern Mediterrean, snake-thread glass spread to the western provinces of the Roman Empire." (page 208)

Wine Cup with Scenes of Bacchus and Ariadne
Cameo glass skyphos (drinking cup)
Roman, 25 BCE - 25 CE
Height 4 1/8 in (10.5cm), Diam. 4 1/8 in (10.6cm)
(I cropped off a bit of its base in my photo)

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