Friday, October 24, 2008

"Too Bad to Repair, So Sad!"

As I was at work, replacing the torn pockets in an ancient pair of pants, I wondered what original hue they were. On the outside, they'd faded to a brown, while on the inside, they were grayish. A possible hint, the zipper was black. Thirty years ago, they might have been black. Some people just keep repairing stuff that is past reasonable.

Clothes do wear out. As I stitched, I tried to remember all the things I have worn out. Sadly, in my nearly fifty years, I haven't worn out that many items. I've usually found things unwearable because I've grown too big for them. But I have worn out a few cherished items. The first was a black wool coat I'd bought while in high school. It was my first really big purchase. I went on the bus downtown with the necessary money, and found a good one on sale. In the store's light, I thought it was navy. But the sunlight revealed black. When the lining became shredded, I relined it. But eventually, the elbows wore too thin. I remember I did take it with me to Arizona in 1987, nearly fifteen years after I'd bought it, I couldn't leave it behind. I'd had too much history with it. But not too long afterwards, I did reluctantly place it into a trash receptacle. It felt like a burial.

And then there was two blouses and a skirt I'd bought shortly after moving to Arizona. I remember I got them all at Lane Bryant, size 14/16. The skirt was a perfect honey brown twill, 'trouser' style zipper. I loved that thing. I wore it until its pleats about tore, and the backside was (my gramma used to call such 'rump-sprung'. Well, actually, to be more precise, she'd say "Aunt Cora used to call such 'rump-sprung'")...

...I _had_ to give it up. The two blouses, both seersucker, failed not too long after. One was honey brown and ivory checks, perfect for my coloring. I wore it when Laura, a friend of ours named Felicia and I went to the Tucson zoo:

My facial features are hard to discern in this old 1987 or 1988 photo, but the blouse is clear!

The other was mostly peach. Both short sleeves, it was the back yokes that gave way. A couple of other blouses had cuffs and elbows that were shabby, but I fixed that by making them short sleeved. Thus I was able to keep wearing them until, you guessed it, I grew too wide for them.

Those items were all I could recall. When I got home this evening, and checked my e-mail, I found the Friday Illo subject this week is "Repair". How appropriate for my thoughts today!

Too bad to repair, so sad!

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