Saturday, September 1, 2007

"He Shall Thunder in the Sky"

While we were at the library this morning, I happened upon this book...

I have no idea if it's any good. The book caption says, "For an artifact uncovered at a Giza dig--an exquisite sculpture found where it ought not to be--confirms Amelia's most unsettling suspicion: that the chaos consuming Cairo has masked the nefarious reemergence of Amelia's villainous arch-nemesis, Sethos, the Master Criminal." That gives clue to the possibility that the author holds to the superficial view of Set as being 'evil chaos'. Julia will have a go at the book and report back to me.

In the meantime, I found many fascinating DVDs for us to watch and learn from, mostly things of American history, including a bio on Benjamin Franklin. One of his many inventions was the lightening rod. Where there's lightening, there's thunder...

Sunday, September 2, 2007 A

"Getting Things in Order"

"He shall thunder in the sky," oh my, did He thunder last night. The storm didn't wake us until I heard our neighbors yelling. I had no idea what they were yelling about, and soon sleep overtook me, as the thunder and lightening gradually subsided.

I woke having forgotten the storm, aware of 'feeling fat', and I suspect it was too much bread consumption, but Julia's gaspacho was so good and that French bread went down so easy, with its nice crust and...

Also, we have a large bug visitor that might be finding Julia's cooking tasty. He was Huge! I grabbed my shoe, but it fled and I couldn't catch it. I'd like to think it is a visitor from a neighbor's messy apartment. But I must allow for the probability that the messiness which attracts it is our own. It's time to get down on hands and knees and scrub that kitchen floor again...

Well, it's a good weekend to do it. On normal two day weekends, I'm much too absorbed with art and study and movies and excursions to be bothered with housework. But on a three day weekend, I can spare some time for these mundane necessities. Already I have taken the time to shorten the sleeves of two nice paisley blouses I bought at end of season sale at Dillards in spring. I love their shirts, but they are expensive if you buy them at season's beginning. I've got another, a red plaid, which begs to be fixed, as well. There's nothing sloppier than too much sleeve bunched up at one's wrists. Actually I suppose its fashion's way of saying if you're wearing an XL, you should be extra LONG to match the extra WIDTH.

Today is a new day, and perhaps today I'll eat better...

Now onto the tasks of the day...

Not so quickly with those, however. As I said, I woke, having forgotten the storm. I did consider it, wondering if it was very wet and messy outside. I have the option of waiting until tomorrow to do the wash. But when I opened the door, a shocking sight greeted me:

That's sure some destruction...

I can almost see it as some sort of art construction, ALMOST...

I'm sure glad that's not OUR car...

I'm sure glad that's not OUR apartment...

I don't know how much of that destruction was due to the storm, or someone hitting the carport. Perhaps the carport's foundation had been weakened previously. I sure am grateful that our car isn't under that fallen thing.

(Weather note: the winds were as much as 84 mph (135.2 km/h)!)

It will take some time and work to get it back in order.

Perhaps due to the storm, we cannot connect to the web. Julia's tried three times, and the little box just can't find the feed. That will just give me more time to do the scrubbing I never want to do!

Sunday, September 2, 2007 B

"Getting Things in Order II"

I did not do any scrubbing, though I did get the laundry mostly done. I instead worked on the 'reconciling' line drawing:

It was hard 'reconciling' the lines to be more orderly. But I've made progress. We can connect to the web, and a classical station from Holland entertains us with smoothly rhythmic Baroque music. Outside, there's been progress on the mess. A tow truck came and at least pulled the fallen carport off of the apartments and removed the cars from underneath it. Now a yellow 'caution' band surrounds the mess.

(Later note: I did finish this piece, if you want to see, follow the link!)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 A


I was puzzling over what to name him, "He who is easily irked, He who is easily manipulated, etc, etc," when Julia walked by, took a look, and said, "I know who he is, he's 'Automa-Tom'" And so he is.

Later note:
Or I could have said, "See the crank, how easily he gets wound up. Watch him go!"

I hope I am not ever like that, being robotically reactive.

What he is viewing looks like a cross between a computer monitor and a automated teller monitor. He is performing to his externally derived programming.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 B

"A Longing for Excitement"

I came across this quote while doing a bit of research:

"A longing for excitement can be satisfied without external means, within oneself; for creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know." -- Anni Albers

I find this true in my life. Many people to look at me - pale and shy, retiring, nearly mute in many social situations, might not think that I experience a longing for excitement. Certainly, I would be a 'wallflower' at their parties.

But 'wallflowers' have other places they can bloom, and often vibrantly. Oh, the life of the mind! And the life of creation! I feel so utterly alive when I am creating my art. It is scary, for I might ruin my effort. It is exciting, for I seldom have a clear idea how a piece will turn out. It is a process of discovery. Other excitements may have their momentary bursts of thrill, but the thrill of creating has a uniquely regenerating effect.

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